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Wild Flowers

When we went to the Meadows for the first time we saw lots of beautiful Meadow Buttercups. These are easy to tell from other types as they have smooth stems.

We were lucky to see this spotted orchid growing close to the edge of the meadow. It was not there when we returned the following week and we did not find any others.

The most common wild flower was the Knapweed, which we thought at first was a thistle but it didn't have any spikes. We did find some thistles as well but they were not flowering.

We saw lots of what looked like giant dandelion seed heads growing in a large patch, but we discovered that they are from the Goatsbeard plant. We also saw some smaller Hawksbeard plants.

Another flower that we found was called Yellow Rattle so called because it has small yellow flowers which grow on the tips of large seed heads which rattle in the wind when the seeds are dry.

Other flowers we saw included White Clover, Red Clover, White Dead Nettle, Dog Daisies and Briar Roses.

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