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Wild Birds

The most exciting bird that we have seen on our trips to the meadow is the kestrel. We saw it hovering over the grassland looking for it's lunch! We didn't see it catch anything though.

The birds we have seen most often are wood pigeons, blackbirds and magpies. Most of the time we are making far too much noise to see many birds.

When we went to the Meadow today we were surrounded by House Martins. They were swooping through the air all around us. As it wasn't a very warm day the insects were not flying very high and as we sat in the grass the birds came right down around our heads. It was AMAZING!

Other birds we have seen are sparrows, gold finches and we think we might have seen a skylark singing as it flew up into the air.

Even if we don't see many birds you can hear them all around you as you walk through the Meadow, some of the songs are really beautiful.

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