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Insects in the Meadows

Image 1 for Insects in the Meadows
Whenever we have been to the Meadows we have seen lots of butterflies, the most common are the Meadow Brown Butterfly although we have seen Gatekeepers, Common Blues and Small Skippers. We have also seen some moths including the Burnett Moth, which is quite spectacular with it's bright red spots on a black background.

Image 2 for Insects in the Meadows
Perhaps the most unexpected insect that we found was this beautiful dragonfly which very helpfully stayed very still so that we could have a really close look and take this photograph. We think it might have come from the pond at the top of the Meadow.

Other insects we saw were seven spot ladybirds, hoverflies and bees. Interestingly we didn't see many wasps except for one that was drinking water in the pond.