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Directory 2015/2016

Honorary President Mr. G. D. Leighton

Honorary Auditors Mr. J. Atkinson & Co. Accountants

The Committee - Officers

Chairperson - Mr. J. A. Leighton

Vice-Chairperson - Mrs. J. Moore

Honorary Secretary - Miss J. A. Godfrey

Honorary Treasurer - Mr. S. M. Pym

The Committee - Members

Mr. I. Moore, Mrs. D. Godfrey, Mr. E. Stocks, Mr. S. Ingham & Mrs. S. Ingham, Mrs. K. Middleton, Mr. J. Armitage & Mrs. P. Armitage, Mr. M. Asquith & Mrs. S. Asquith

Social Secretary - Mrs. K. Middleton

Fundraising - The Committee & Approved Associates

Sports Co- ordinator - Mr. F. Evers & Mr. S. Ingham

Newsletter Editor - Mr. & Mrs. S. Ingham

Canteen Manager - Mrs. D. Godfrey & Mrs. G. Codd

Bonus Ball Operator - Mr. E. Stocks

Door Donations - Mrs. P. Armitage