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Daisies with Judith Bell

Image 1 for Daisies with Judith Bell
Judith brought the Daisies already sketched on the paper with masking fluid outlining the shapes of the petals and stems. Then using lots of water on the page she flooded ultramarine, alizarin crimson, and cadmium orange pigment to create a background of colour suggesting further daisies.

Image 2 for Daisies with Judith Bell
Paynes Grey and lemon yellow created a lovely green adding a darker dimension to the lovely soft background. Once the masking fluid was removed Judith concentrated on the shadowing of the petals and adding the stamens in cadmium orange, lemon yellow and burnt umber. This had the effect of the flowers 'popping' out of the page and the whole effect was simply stunning.

There was a very good attendance by guests and non members on the night and as it had been a long time since the group had watched a 'floral' demonstration everyone was sent home enthused and raring to have a go themselves. Good one Judith! Thank you