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Bruce Mulcahys Bluebell Wood in Gouache

It was a very enjoyable evening learning all about the properties and capabilities of Gouache paint from the master Bruce Mulcahy!

Click for a larger image of Bluebell wood in Mirfield

Bluebell wood in Mirfield

Bruce gave us the choice of watching him paint either Bluebells or Poppies and as Bluebells are just coming out in the woods now they won the majority of votes.

Click for a larger image of A very rough sketch!

A very rough sketch!

Bruce explained that all his drawing needed to show was a very basic idea of where the main shapes and dark areas are.

Click for a larger image of Darks first

Darks first

The most extreme dark shapes were quickly painted and everything that follows will be lighter in tone. Leaves on the trees and grass in the foreground - using short stubby strokes.

Click for a larger image of More foliage

More foliage

For Bruce paintings are a series of marks and tones that can only be seen properly when on the paper. These are then refined and altered later. He always paints outside which he finds encourages a natural end to the work as light fades and he can't 'fiddle' too much - something we are all familiar with!

Click for a larger image of Bluebells at last!

Bluebells at last!

Bluebells were painted roughly using a mixture of dry brush strokes, and mixing the paint on the paper

Click for a larger image of Times up!

Times up!

Bruce gives good value for money as he continued to paint after his 2 hours were up. He explained he never aimed to 'finish' a picture but just wanted the painting to serve as an information guide to how he works. The next layer would be refining the marks using smaller brush strokes and adding lots of detail. The painting was really coming together and most of us wanted to see the end product! Perhaps next time he can bring one he started earlier!