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Spring Flowers with Cheryl Horner Wagstaff

The timing of Cheryl's picture was just right for a bouquet of spring flowers as the late spring weather means that our gardens are still full of Daffodils, Muscari and Narcissi

Click for a larger image of A very good drawing.

A very good drawing.

It didn't take long for Cheryl to set up and begin to paint this wonderful drawing of the many species of spring flowers.

Click for a larger image of Filling in the shapes

Filling in the shapes

Using many different coloured light washes and two small brushes Cheryl steadily built up the colours. Outlining the shapes and then going in with a clean wet brush to soften hard edges and create a 3D effect.

Click for a larger image of

The same green throughout but added to with washes of blue to give variety. Shadows were added to make the flowers 'pop' out and the result was a very pretty picture.