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Tim Rose and St Pauls Cathedral

Tim Rose was our ‘demo man’ for the month of March renowned for his subtle watercolour pictures of buildings and romantic gardens. On the evening of March 12th he painted for the club members an interior scene of St Paul’s cathedral. He told us he paints there regularly as a ‘Friend’ of St Paul’s and it was obvious that he knew his stuff as he hardly had to refer to his original drawing at all.

Click for a larger image of A good turn out

A good turn out

It was good to see new faces in the crowd...Tim's reputation goes before him!

Click for a larger image of Wet washes to begin

Wet washes to begin

The subject was already drawn so to begin with he painted very light washes of varying hues over the whole of a rather large piece of Saunders 400gm paper. For the next half hour he gradually built up the shadows and cool colours together with the contrasting warmth of the sunlight pouring through the large windows.

Click for a larger image of Halftime


He explained throughout the various qualities of the paints he used and how mixing violets and greens can make good varying greys. Many of his washes he pre mixed enabling him to work quicker.

Click for a larger image of Atmospheric result

Atmospheric result

After little more than an hour, and after adding detail to the statues, architecture and adding some ethereal figures, a subtle atmospheric study of a small corner of this magnificent building emerged. Marvellous stuff!