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Christine Gerard and a Rainy Day at the Station

Our March Demo was with our own most venerable Chairperson Christine Gerard

Click for a larger image of Well prepared!

Well prepared!

Christine brought a well prepared drawing of a dilapidated station somewhere in Lincolnshire - a victim of the 60's Beeching cuts. Masking fluid was previously applied to preserve spaces for puddles and the fine grasses against the building walls. Wetting the sky came first and then Ultramarine and Burnt Sienna was added to the sky with touches of Paynes Grey for the stormy raincloud.

Click for a larger image of Brickwork and Foliage

Brickwork and Foliage

Having previously mixed the paints using different mixes for the darks mediums and light greens for the foliage Christine began to really crack on. Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna and a touch of Ultramarine for the brickwork, chimney and ridge tiles. Using small brushes but working quickly this was something that Christine was very comfortable with. The old tatty brush for stippling the trees was quite something!

Click for a larger image of Well into her stride!

Well into her stride!

Once the sky had dried the trees were added behind the station. Christine uses the same blue as the sky in her green mixes as this adds harmony to the overall painting. Naples yellow was used for the parched grasses against the building and shadows were added to the tree trunks to show where the light was coming from. The train tracks disappeared into the distance using purply greys.

Click for a larger image of The devil is in the detail!

The devil is in the detail!

This is where Christine excels - detail! As the masking fluid was removed and we got down to painting in pebbles and puddles it was clear that the artist was in her element. Shadows were painted under pebbles and reflections in puddles. All marvellous stuff and it just kept coming! Unbelievable result considering the time given - thank you Chairperson Christine!