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Dave Newbould paints Heath cottages

'Old' favourite Dave Newbould visited us this month. Always a favourite - very funny with the jokes and yet a most talented artist using a mixture of different media.

Click for a larger image of Starting from scratch

Starting from scratch

Using a cotton bud dipped in ink Dave drew the picture from a couple of photographs he had tacked together. He had not done this picture before and just hoped it would be good. His drawing skills were much in evidence and quite a lot of detail was completed.

Click for a larger image of Sketchy but good already!

Sketchy but good already!

Finished now with the ink he proceeded to fill in some of his favourite shadows with acrylic paints. Under the eaves and sides of chimneys and the dark foliage of the trees. All were completed and left to dry while we enjoyed a tea break.

Click for a larger image of Time for pastels

Time for pastels

Window sills were picked out in white pastel and other pale shades of the buildings were worked on over the acrylic painted shadows. As he explained - if he didn't like the effect - it could simply be wiped off and started again over the acrylic.

Click for a larger image of Dappled shadow

Dappled shadow

Light green for the foliage and pale pastel highlighting the dappled shadow in the foreground. We could tell he was enjoying himself now because the jokes were less frequent!

Click for a larger image of Finished!


All done and a most charming rural scene of cottages in our local Heath village. Maybe it's time for a new mount though Dave? Dave very kindly donated this finished picture to raise funds for our club, for which we are most grateful.