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Brian Lancaster does Pastels

Nice to see a few new faces at our first demonstration of the new season. Brian travelled from Howarth to create a picture of the Isle of Iona in zingy fresh pastel colours.

Click for a larger image of First colours go on

First colours go on

Using 'Art Spectrum Colour Fix' paper which has a slight 'tooth'.

Click for a larger image of Blending and rubbing

Blending and rubbing

The quick sketch was in black felt tip pen which easily covers.

Click for a larger image of Warmer foreground colours

Warmer foreground colours

Rougher pastel marks bring the foreground details forward

Click for a larger image of Ta dah!

Ta dah!

'If you can see the background it's a drawing if not it's a Pastel Painting' says Brian. Gorgeous, with a lovely abstract quality to it I thought.