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Animal Portrait in Acrylics

The club met in February to watch invited guest artist Jane Lazenby create an animal portrait in acrylics

Click for a larger image of In the beginning.....

In the beginning.....

Jane began by blocking in the dark background colour with red/black and ultramarine. This had the effect of bringing the dog's head forward. Then structure and tonal differences were added.

Click for a larger image of Halfway through...

Halfway through...

Jane then stood at the back of the room to study the effect so far and the way forward. She also explained to members the properties of the new Italia Interactive Acrylics which can be re - wet using a special 'unlocking' spray allowing the paint to flow again even after drying completely.

Click for a larger image of Having a go!

Having a go!

During the break members were generously invited by Jane to experience for themselves the properties of these latest acrylics.

Click for a larger image of Completion.


Much more detail was added especially to the Labrador's coat. Jane used small flicking actions with a fine rigger brush to really accentuate the fine hairs and bring the portrait to life.