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Do you look at those long nasty Benefit forms.Dont you know how to start on them.We are there to help you to understand them and fill them in Helping Hands is an organisation developed to help you to claim the Benefits that you are entitled too.

We deal with all Welfare matters and if we do not know the answer to your problems we will try and find out the answers for you.Dont hide your head in the sand come and see us.If we cant help you we will tell you,but if we can we will do everything possible to reach a satisfactory conclusion

We do drop ins two days a week at Kinsley Community Centre Tuesday-Thursday 10-00-12-00 We fill in forms after we have seen you with appointments.We always need to make an assessment before any forms can be filled in on drop in days.

contact : Mr.Stephen Bingley
Kinsley Community Center
Wakefield Road
West Yorkshire
Tel : 01977-611075
Email :
Web : view the web site

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