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The University in our title, is intended to encompass this concept of learning together in a social context. U3A is a Charity organisation, to which an individual may contribute a service, as well as derive a benefit - a truly co-operative movement where all participation, whether as office- bearer, committee member, or tutor/group leader, is voluntary and unpaid.

By Third Agers we mean those who, having retired from full-time paid work, and having time to pursue their own interests, acknowledge the desire to stay healthy and active in mind and body as they get older.

Annual membership, at present costs 7 per annum, which entitles a member to join as many of our group activities as they wish, having first checked that there are currently spaces within that Group, by ringing the leader on the appropriate 'phone number. There is no enrolment day, all fees are paid when you attend a Group. All of our activity groups meet in the day-time, and many groups meet in *Manygates Adult Education Centre. (*M.A.E.C)

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