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Recycling Programme

Given the choice, most people would prefer to dispose of their old mobile phone handsets and empty printer cartridges in a way that would be beneficial to the environment whilst raising funds for a good cause at the same time. Wakefield Hospice has a recycling scheme in place that achieves both these objectives, at NO EXTRA COST TO YOU. Please call the fundraising department at the hospice for further information or to sign up. WE NO ACCEPT OLD AND UNWANTED JEWELLERY - a gem of an idea that turns you broken, damaged and incomplete sets into a donation for the hospice. Call 01924 213900 to learn more.

MONEY FOR YOUR MOBILES There are an estimated 49 million mobile phone subscribers in the UK. Over 15 million mobile phones are replaced in the UK each year. Some are returned for trade-in but millions end up in drawers and toy boxes or in landfill where they can potentially harm the environment. The average handset is replaced every 18 months but they are designed by the manufacturer to last for at least seven years.

THE BENEFITS.... Providing a fundraising opportunity. For each handset that Community Fonebak can re- use, Wakefield Hospice will receive 4. Minimise the impact on the environment by providing a safe and responsible solution for recycling unwanted mobiles. Phones contain a number of substances including precious metals and some hazardous materials. They are completely harmless until they are thrown in landfill whre they degrade and can cause serious damage to the environment. Meeting the demand for providing low- cost communications in developing countries.

CASH FOR YOUR CARTRIDGES It is estimated that in the UK alone, over 30,000,000 printer cartridges are dumped into landfill sites every year. Joining our recycling scheme would mean that you would be decreasing the amount of waste that is put into our landfills, thus helping to solve many environmental issues, but also helping to raise vital funds for Wakefield Hospice.

CHANGE FOR YOUR CHARMS - A GEM OF AN IDEA! We have come up with a simple way for you to help fund the important work of Wakefield Hospice and benefit the environment, by running a jewellery recycling collection. You can do a full 'spring clean' or just give items that you no longer wear. Even damaged, broken and incomplete items will help; so all the odd earrings and broken chains are a great start. To receive a Freepost collecting envelope to place your donated items in, please telephone us on 01924 213900. Alternatively you can hand in your items directly at any of our shops, warehouse or hospice reception.

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