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Why vote Green

A Green vote can never be a “wasted vote”. Over 100 Green Party Councillors have already been elected and are bringing fresh and innovative ideas to local authorities nationwide. Even if casting a Green vote does not elect a Green Councillor, it sends a signal to the other Parties that local people want Green Party policies.

One thing is certain. If you don’t vote for what you want, you’re never going to get it.

There are many local authorities like Wakefield which are too much like one- party states. Electing Green Councillors helps break the one Party monopoly and improves local democracy and accountability.

Green Councillors strengthen local economies by actively supporting small, locally owned ventures; protect vital local services from cuts supported by Labour, Tories and Liberal Democrats; promote measures that reduce local traffic, cut fuel bills and reduce climate-threatening carbon dioxide emissions; and take the lead in public health issues, campaigning to reduce pollution, keep food and water clean.

Green Party Councillors protect the environment and help and involve local residents in local issues: push for affordable housing to meet local need, prioritise the refurbishment of empty properties, oppose excessive new house building; lead the way on car-free and energy efficient developments, prioritise public transport and the needs of the pedestrian and the cyclist; protect woodland and open spaces; help with repairs and grants; and oppose applications for yet more out-of-town supermarket and shopping malls.

Green Councillors strive to give local people better value for money by proposing sensible budgets that reduce waste, make more effective use of limited resources, and achieve Green objectives.

Think global. Act local. Vote Green.

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