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Last Updated 07 November 2012 12:45

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Green Party..Latest  news.  (October 2012)  


We held our AGM on Tuesday,25th September, and managed to achieve a quorum with Jody,Tom,Jane,Brian and Miriam in attendance. John Lumb (recently returned from work in Spain) had sent his apologies, as had Dan Hussey (whose wife was expecting a child anytime soon). We hope to see everyone at future meetings.

The Chairman presented his Annual Report, where he reminded members of our local election results in Wakefield Rural, Wakefield West,and Pontefract North. (These are listed on the website). Tom B. had greatly expanded the website over the year and introduced several new pages and lots of useful links. The need for greater involvement and contributions was stressed .Presumably WGP members have some opinions and thoughts they wish to discuss? The floor is open, and we invite you in !

The Chairman also reported on contacts with Dewsbury Green Party (North Kirklees GP,as they are now calling themselves).He had attended a meeting with their contact AC to discuss collaboration on key issues,such as boundary changes,and the Mid-Yorks  NHS Service. Although the constituency changes may not now take place,it is essential to keep a close eye on developments in the new  GP commissioning practices.

One key meeting of the year had been our hosting of Yorks.Regional Green Party meeting,(held at “The Hop” ,off  Wakefield Westgate ) The key topic had been preparations for the  Euro- elections in 2014.It is not so far off, and funding is required to run a good campaign.We must all consider ways of contributing our share because there is hope for a  good regional result following our performance at the last elections. As a long-standing group,we are expected to  provide a fair  proportion to help the main effort.


Officers were  Elected as follows:  Chairman: Brian Else / Secretary: Miriam Hawkins/Treasurer: Jane Carlton /Website Manager: Tom Bloomfield / Publicity Officer: Jody Gabriel (for a trial period)

So,if you have any articles/discussion items/or letters for the press contact JG and we will try to place them as appropriate.


Local developments: JC reported on wind-farm proposals at Nettleton, which had been rudely opposed by certain householders, and added that the leaflet distributed by the Sitlington  Anti-Turbine Group had been referred to the ASA because of its inaccurate and inflammatory content.


Following a break for  food and drink, Brian gave a summary of efforts to establish a Food Co-op in

Wakefield. Early attemps, via a partnership shop in the 1980’s (“Chamomile” on Manygates Lane,Busy Corner.Who remembers that?), to the “GreenFoods” venture to raise capital for a co- operative  (which stalled after a few years), and the present travails  of “Hungry Snail” (where funding has run out).All were related and publicity materials from the archives were displayed in an effort to infuse members with hope that  something worthwhile could be developed if only we had 8 to 10 committed members and a good business plan that would attract the necessary funding.

Is there a need for an enterprise  owned by its members, creating jobs,and providing a community service? And can it happen in Wakefield?

There are current reports of “food-banks” on the increase,and “Food Cycle” schemes developing elsewhere, so why not here?

With that thought in mind, we ended the meeting


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