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Vote for Miriam in 2010 Your Green Party candidate for Wakefield constituency is Miriam Hawkins. Miriam is 43 and works as a special support worker for Students, mainly at Leeds University. She also assists craft students at Manygates Centre, in W akefield, and serves as a simulated patient, helping with the education of medical students in Leeds, and around the area. She presently acts as Secretary to Wakefield Green Party, and stood previously as a Green candidate in Wakefield Rural ward. The Key issues and the Green response: • Pensions and care for older people. The Green proposal is for a Citizen’s Pension for all at a level of £170 per week, to alleviate poverty and provide a good standard of living, whilst putting money back in to the economy. • A rebalanced economy with localised jobs, a fairer financial deal with a greater emphasis on mutual banks, post offices and credit unions, tighter financial regulation, and taxes raised from high-earners, not job losses for the lo wer paid. The 10 pence tax rate should be re-instated as a fair measure, and top earnings should attract a 50% rate. • A Green New Deal where an investment package creates a million new jobs in low-carbon industries, renewable, and solar, wind and wave technologies, and home insulation. This should create work for craftsmen and women and put a halt to youth unemployment, as we employ more fitters, plumbers, electricians and systems designers in these fields. Spending money to employ people m akes sound economic sense. • A Transport system which values reliability, cleanliness and regularity over a wasteful search for high-speed. More money should be directed to improving rail and bus links and supporting community services such as free city buses and essential hospital links. • A National Health Service which is truly comprehensive in its application, with both dentistry and optical care being brought back into the system, along with podiatry. Money invested now will save more e xpenditure later. However, the Green Party is still opposed to water fluoridisation, as it is a risky practice and constitutes a form of “mass medication”. Every individual should be free to chose their own form of dental treatment to suit their o wn needs. • A Transformation of the Political system to ensure fairer representation by the adoption of a proportional method of voting, such as the Single Transferrable Vote (STV) for Parliament, and elections to the upper House (of Lords). The sy stem of payments for MP’s expenses must be simple, proportionate, and fair. Remember, they work for you, not the other way round. • What don’t we want? We don’t want an expensive and unnecessary replacement for Trident, nor a further generation of nuclear reactors, nor a nation-wide ID system to track everybody. There are a lot of ways to save money for a better society, and these are just some of them. None of these issues will come to pass unless you take the step of voting for them. You r Green Party candidate for Wakefield constituency is MIRIAM HAWKINS Vote for the Party which wants real change, and real improvements: The Green Party.

OFFICE OF CAROLINE LUCAS, MP FOR BRIGHTON PAVILION *** NEWS RELEASE *** 02 December 2011 GREEN MP NAMED BIGGEST INFLUENCER IN UK POLITICS THIS YEAR Green MP Caroline Lucas has been recognised by a prestigious political body as the MP who has most influenced the political agenda in 2011. Since her election to the constituency of Brighton Pavilion in 2010, the UK's only Green MP has made a significant impact through her work on a range of issues - from putting pressure on the Government to t ackle fuel poverty and drop Trident, to campaigning for Parliamentary reform and fairer rail fares. Lucas received the Political Studies Association award for 'Influencing the Political Agenda 2011' from Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow at a pack ed ceremony in Westminster this week. Caroline Lucas said: "I am honoured and delighted to collect this award from the Political Studies Association - and appreciate the judges' recognition that having even one Green in Parliament can make a posit ive difference." The panel of judges at the Political Studies Association said: 'Caroline Lucas has made unprecedented steps forward in raising the profile of the Green Party. The achievement of winning a seat in Parliament under the First-Past-Th e-Post electoral system should not be underestimated. "When considering these factors alongside her role in influencing the AV debate, we felt she was a worthy winner of the 2011 award for Influencing the Political Agenda."

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Wakefield Green Party : Events 2012

Green Party Social

Our first social event of 2012 took place last night at Thornes Lane, with a small gathering of members and of ficers enjoying good food and conversation in a convivial atmosphere. (There was also wine and beer available.)

Apart from catching up with events: eg. Tom B. told us about his visit to the Green Party Spring Conference, where he was able to meet Leader ,Caroline Lucas, and ask her questions; Jody G. explained about his proposal to stage a public viewing of the “Inside Job” movie,which explains the background to the global financial crash (details to follow soon); and Jane C. exp lained her concerns about the proposals for a wind-farm development near Netherton, where, interestingly, a limited scheme ( two towers only) is proposed under the control of a “community enterprise” body hosted by Sitlington Parish. Full design de tails are not yet known, but already there is opposition to the plans.
Our approach is to look at the size,scale,siting of the towers, their usefulness ,and their ownership and control. If all factors are favourable we will offer support.
Jane will attend the local meetings and report back to us.
Miriam was thanked for hosting the evening and providing excellent food.
…our secondary aim is to raise money towards the Election Fund, which we have offered to apportion with the Euro. campaign. We have a few months to raise the necessary amounts, so can each of you consider a donation up to £25 (more if you can) towards the challenge. (Cheques to the Treasurer,please.)

Brian Else (Chairman ,WGP) 29 th February 2012...


September 22nd 2010
Wakefield Green Party AGM
Henry Boons


July 23rd 2010
Summer Meeting
The Olde Church Tavern

July 17th 2010
Yorkshire AGM
Friends Meeting House
11am to 3pm

June 12th 2010
Members Meeting
Thornes Lane

May 6th 2010
General & Local Elections Count
Thornes Park

March 20th 2010
Local Elections Meeting
Thornes Lane

December 30th 2009
Christmas Meeting
The Olde Church Tave rn

September 26th 2009
Wakefield Green Party AGM
Thornes Lane

2008- 2009

July 19th 2009
Summer Meeting
Holmfield Arms

J une 7th 2009
European Elections Count
Thornes Park

May 18th 2009
Spring Elections Meeting II

May 7th 2009
Spring Elections Meeting
Angle rs Retreat

December 27th 2008
Juletide Feast Day
Thornes Lane
1.00pm-5.00pm (parents with children)
6.00pm on (for adults only)

September 27th 2008
Wakefield Green Part y AGM
Thornes Lane

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Film Night, see “Inside Job”

(A GreenScene special hosted by members of Wakefield Green Party).

Wednes day, 28th March 2012 at the Wakefield Baptist Church, Belle Isle Avenue, Barnsley Road,Wakefield. WF1 5JY (opposite the Bus depot ).

At 7.00 pm.

This is a chance to see the documentary “Inside Job”, which explains t he causes of the financial crisis, and why it matters. What was the role of the banks and the credit rating agencies, and the use of sub- prime mortgages and cdo’s. Don’t be confused; be informed! It explains it very well ,but is liable to leav e you more than a bit infuriated.


7.00 pm Get a cuppa.

7.15 pm A short introduction from local Green Party members.

7.25 pm. Start of documentary.

9.25 pm Signposts to further rea ding on the subject,or how to get involved with

& nbsp; ; Green policies and actions.

9.30 pm. Finish. (Time for a chat/contacts/networking).

nb. Drinks and nibbles will be available throughout. (and it is okay to drop in late or

leave early. We won’t be annoyed or offended.)

contact: Wakefield Green Party on 01924 362950, or email

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The Green Party and the election of Mayors.

The local elections this year have an added item for people to vote on :Do they want a system of elected mayors for Wakefield? is wha t they will be asked in a referendum. At this stage this is just about the principle and the system, there are no candidates.

So, where does the Green Party stand on this issue? The simple answer is: we oppose it. And why is that,you may ask? As our policy statement makes clear.( PA 356):-

“The Green Party believes that local authorities run by single party cabinets, or by directly-elected mayors.are not in the best interests of local democracy. They take decision making powers away from councils as a whole and place them in the hands of a few individuals, leading to the disenfranchisement of those councillors who are not in the ruling party and the citizens they represent. We would, therefore, reintroduce the committee system across local government at all levels, which provides for direct member involvement in decision making.”

We also believe that a mayoral contest reduces politics to a “celebrity” competition where issues and polici es are seen to be of secondary importance.(You have only to look at the London system to see how that works, with the media reducing everything to a choice between “Boris” and “Ken”.)

If central government wanted local authorities to wor k more efficiently and effectively, then giving greater powers to councils would be a better way to bring that about. Revenue raising via the council tax is totally inadequate,and leaves councils still seeking well over half its funding from ce ntral government, with all the strings attached. How can this be called “accountability”? The ability to raise and spend their own monies is one of the main demands of the devolved parliament/assembly in Scotland and Wales, and rightly so.

The Green Party would seek to empower local councils with the right to raise their own revenues proportionately and effectively.This is true democracy.

Celebrity mayors can represent no- one but themselves,and be unremoveable from office for four years at a time.

So we would urge people to think hard about this,and just vote “No” to elected mayors.

Contact: The Chairman,Wakefield Green Party,

& nbsp; ; Brian Else. at 147,Thornes Lane, Thornes, Wakefield. WF2 7RW

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The Letters Editor,
Wakefield Express,
Wakefield. 17th January 2011

Dear Editor,
Ed.Balls,local MP and shadow chancellor, says in a recent interview tha t “It is now inevitable that public sector pay restraint will have to continue” He accepts the flawed logic and the outcomes of the Coalition government’s programme of cuts and austerity,and follows the false premise that job cuts and low pay w ill somehow rescue capitalism and make the bankers and financiers safe again. Even the various ratings agencies, those watchdogs of financial soundness, have issued a warning that unalloyed austerity is self-defeating, and will cause the economy to shrink, not grow.
With the three major (“grey”) parties following this disastrous economic course,is there any hope for an alternative theory of how an economy should work? The Green Party went into the General Election in 2010 with the p olicies of the Green New Deal, which is an alternative to the failed economics of vulture capitalism. Money invested in jobs and infrastructure,in renewable technologies, sustainable local economies,taxation which is fair and progressive, suppor tive systems of benefits for the poor, and much more, all form part of this “new deal”.
Gordon Brown’s “rescue” of the big banks was the wrong response to a failed system of financing. Down- sizing and remutualisation would have been th e correct way to go. Cutting the jobs and wages of the service sector and local government merely penalises the low-waged and the very poor, whilst leaving financiers and bankers free to enjoy their gross bonuses. Most of their money will be s alted away abroad,or fed into another property frenzy.
For too long this country has suffered a low-wage economy,with too liitle raised in fair taxation,and has made matters worse with wage-freezes and pension closures, yet the money is really there all the time. The national deficit is not insurmountable, and could be solved by a re-balancing of the economy, not a reduction in spending power. The Bank of England clearly thinks that inventing money ( via “quantative easing”, or QE) is acceptable in order to stuff the banks full of money, but won’t consider priming the jobs market with green QE via a Green Investment Bank.
It could all be different if only people looked to a clear alternative economic progra mme than that propounded by the likes of Labour’s shadow chancellor, and the Green Party offers just that.

Yours sincerely, Brian Else. (Chairman, Wakefield Green Party).

As from: 147, Thornes Lane, Thornes, Wakefield. WF2 7RW
(tel 01924362950 ) uk

Letters Editor, Wakefield Express. Dated: 5th November 2012 ( )

Dear Editor:

Your favoured columnist, Alex Story (“ politically speaking” , Friday 2nd November 2012 ) claims that : “Ed (Balls) is finally conceding that cuts to spending are necessary” and that : “Anyone who tries to tell you that the spending cuts, for all there have actually been any, are not really necessary,is living in a world of fantasy, q uite frankly.We now have polit ical consensus on that “.

Let anyone show that there have not been any cuts,actual or planned.What world does Story live in? Let me disabuse him of his privileged myopia.If he looks beyond the th ree “grey” parties , where he seems to find his consensus,he will see that clear alternative policies do exist.

In the last General Election in 2010,the Green Party prepared a raft of policies known as the “Green New Deal”.Two years later it is even more relevant.

It recognised that the co untry’s financial problems were not caused by overspending on benefits and lavish lifestyles (except for the top 1 %),but by a systemic and long-standing problem with bank s and how they created profit without social benefit.The New Deal plan call ed for stricter regulation of the banks; a separation of retail (savings and loans) banking from “investment” banking (gambling for quick profits).It also call ed for taxes on bankers bonuses,and a crack-down on tax havens;for a rebalancing of the ta x system with higher taxes for the more- than-well-paid,coupled with a re- introduction of the 10% band for the lower-paid.

The emphasis i s on rebalancing the overall economy to make it more just and sustainable. Savings could come from canc ellation of further Trident development and wasteful prestige road and rail projects. On jobs and welfare,we begin by proposing a “citizen’s income” (as of right),with a living wage for those in work, and the promotion of jobs in “green” industrie s,which are both necessary and sustainable,with an emphasis on renewable energy sources,as appropriate.Social hous ing should be built to answer housing needs, not another housing bubble created by offering subsidies to private house- builders,as th is coalition government is doing.There should be long-term investment in transport infrastructure, for which renationalisation of the railways would be necessary,and expensive,prestige projects such as HS2 should be abandoned.

As a look at your “Property” pages shows,there is plenty of private housing available for sale or rent , but people cannot afford to buy.They face wage freezes and job loss,all in the name of “necessary austerity”. Many people are working part-time,thus losing econo mic power ,which further shrinks the economy. So far there have been no recognition that the banks created this mess.Whilst there is individual targeting of certain bad practices such as bank- rate fixing and miss-selling of PPI,the chief archit ects of this debacle retire safely with their bonuses and pensions.

We need to focus on the real problems of our economy,not seek consensus around a set of failed ideologies. The Green New Deal tried to spell this out in 2010,and had attention been paid then,matters could have been so very different now.

There is an old saying: “When in a hole,stop digging! In over 2 years we have gone deeper into that hole because commentators close their eyes to alternative ideas.

Your s faithfully, Brian E lse. (Chairman,Wakefield Green Party) email

Miriam Hawkins (Green Party candidate, General Election 2010) email: -

As from: 147,Thornes Lane, Thornes, Wakefield, WF2 7RW ( tel 01924 362950 )

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