The Green Party in Wakefield has existed for over 30 years, and offers a choice to people who cannot find an answer to their views and values in the other “grey” parties. Our presence is marked in local elections where we have support, and in the 2010 General Election,where we stood a candidate.

Wakefield has been under the control of the same political party since 1974, when the District was founded, and the direction of development in the district and city is clear to see. It is not all to the good. There is always too much reliance on big developments, (which soon end), and not enough support for small-scale trades and manufactures ;there is a lack of co- operative ventures which could provide sustainable employment ; people no longer seem to be in control of their own lives; unemployment is high and educational attainment is low.

We at WGP try to present an alternative viewpoint and an opportunity to do things differently, and for the longer term, so that local people can build their lives around the desire to live and work in the area.

Read more about our policies on our other pages, and follow the links to the national Green Party site.