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TB Cattle and Badgers

Bovine tuberculosis is a disease which affects the health of cattle. It is transmitted from cattle, to cattle but is also caught and passed between wildlife, including (but not exclusively) badgers.

In 2009 a case of TB was detected in a dairy herd in Clayton West, to the West of Wakefield District.

While the details of the individual case have not been made public, the authorities are making every effort to test surrounding herds in order to contain the outbreak.

The government conducted a 10 year trial into badger culling in an effort to control Bovine TB. The study found that culling actually caused the spread of TB as badgers were forced to flee into neighbouring areas.

A much more effective way to control Bovine TB is through thorough and regular testing of cattle. Over time this would control the spread of the disease in both cattle and wildlife.

The Badger Trust, of which the Wakefield Distrit Badger Group are members, has campaigned against further badger culling and for the implementation of more effective disease control measures. The Wakefield District Badger Group has a good relationship with farmers in our area and we are always willing to advise farmers on badger related issues.

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