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Data requests

From time to time the group is approached by companies requesting data about badgers in particular areas of the district, usually with reference to a proposed development.

Wakefield District Badger Group are willing and able to respond to data requests. In addition we are also able to carry out surveys, artificial sett constructions etc.

Details which we will need to carry out a data-search include; Your details, a site location, a search radius (i.e. 1km from site centre) and the intended use of the data.

We would ask that data in this way is treated as confidential and should not enter the public domain in the interests of protecting badgers. We welcome early involvement in any development proposals which may have an impact on badgers.

As a charity, the group does not charge for the data itself, but we do suggest a donation to cover the administration of the search. Details will be provided when we receive your request.

We can deal with data requests via post or email (email will be significantly quicker). Please go to the "Contact us" page.

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