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The Wakefield Archers

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The Wakefield Archers were first formed in 1834 when a group of like minded gentlemen met on the 25th June at Wakefield Court House and drew up rules for the newly formed archery club. Archery was a very popular pastime for well off Victorians around this date. Amongst the first members of the club was Daniel Gaskell the first ever elected MP for Wakefield. The cost of membership was 10/6d (52.5p) although this does not seem much by today’s standards this was quite a large sum at this time. They met on Heath Common once a fortnight and shot at targets 60 or 100yds away using longbows. It was thought no uniform was necessary but “…each man was to wear a sprig of green in his hat.” They kept a tally of scores and the best archer became next year’s captain. They also awarded a wooden spoon to the person who made the worse shot during the season and he was made to wear this on subsequent meetings.

The current club was formed on 3rd April 1952. The club originally met at Wakefield Cricket and Athletic Club on College Grove, Wakefield. Over the year’s members of the club have represented Yorkshire, Northern Counties, England and GB teams at junior and senior level, both at target, clout and field shooting. In the Winter October-March we shoot at QEGS Grammar School. In the summer April-September we shoot at Slazengers Sports Club, Horbury.

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We have over 70 active members who participate in Target Archery and Field Archery. Archery is the only sport I know that allows everyone to participate together whatever their age or even if they are disabled. There are handicap events, which allow everyone to participate in competition against one another on level terms immaterial of their proficiency, just like golf. Archery is a very enjoyable and relaxing sport but it is also a challenging sport of skill and proficiency. As with other sports time spent gaining that skill pays off in the long run.

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