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Wakefield Academy of Tae Kwon Do

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At Wakefield Academy of Tae Kwon Do, all Instructors are Fully Qualified and have Enhanced CRB clearance,therefore are deemed suitable to work with all members of our community. We pride ourselves on offering Professional Instruction in the Korean Martial Art of Self Defence. Our classes are suitable for most people between the age of 5 and 75! We always offer a FREE, no obligation trial lesson to potential students. We also offer 'One to One' personal training sessions for people looking to juggle health and fitness around a busy lifestyle. So, you have everything to gain - and nothing to lose! If you or someone you know would benefit from weight loss, increased confidence, learning self defence, decreasing stress or just getting out, meeting new people and enjoying life, then use the Contact Us link to take the first step on a brand new journey..

Tae Kwon Do is the Korean art of self- defence. Literally translated, TAE means kick or to strike with the foot, KWON means fist or to strike with the hand, DO means discipline or art. It is much more than the image of the martial arts physical aspect. It is designed as a non-violent art and system of complete body exercises as well as being a way of life. It includes physical techniques, mental discipline, and a deep philosophy. By practicing Tae Kwon Do, one can benefit in these ways; PHYSICALLY - One can develop good co- ordination, gain strength, increase flexibility, and improve cardiovascular conditioning. From all of these physical practices, one can have a strong body. MENTALLY - One can build self- confidence, gain better judgement, and improve self-control. From all of these mental disciplines, one can have a sound mind. PHILOSOPHICALLY - While developing a strong body and a sound mind, it is appropriate to learn the valuable philosophical tools and lessons in life offered by Tae Kwon Do philosophy. Among these lessons: The way to be honest, always standing for justice. How to respect and help others. The meaning of loyalty and courtesy. Incorporating these aspects into one's life will build for them; the ability to be strong, to be humble, to be gentle, and to maintain self-respect. Tae Kwon Do philosophy emphasizes good health, happiness, generosity, and a sense of value of freedom, justice, and peace. All of these inspire independence and coexistence. Tae Kwon Do is an art of humanity. It is a guide for the formation of outstanding character. It is practiced as a modern world sport. It is useful as a contemporary universal philosophy. Tae Kwon Do is practiced in 123 countries with over 30 million practitioners and 3 million individuals with black belts throughout the world. How can I benefit from practicing Tae Kwon Do? The most important aspect of Tae Kwon Do is that it is not only a superior art of self-defence, but of the mind as well. Tae Kwon Do students develop discipline, confidence, concentration, and respect. These benefits spill over into all facets of the students' lives. With its practical means of self- defence, its complete regimen of physical conditioning, and its aid to improved mental performance, Tae Kwon Do offers a total fitness program integrating mind, body and spirit.

The primary function of our Academy is to promote the global Art of Tae Kwon Do. As members of the T.A.G.B. we aim to offer the highest possible level of instruction to every one of our students. Our Academy exists as a platform for self-progression and personal achievement, at a pace that is suitable to the individual. All students shall be treated equally regardless of gender, race, age or ability. We set out to make our training programme beneficial to the physical and psychological wellbeing of our students and enjoyable to each and every member. We will always endeavour to abide by the following Tae Kwon Do Tenets: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control and Indomitable Spirit.

contact : Mr Mark Richardson
Tel : 07981 246 777
Email : info@wakefieldtkd.co.uk
Web : view the web site