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Player Profiles

Here you will find descriptions of players.

Click for a larger image of Matt Isherwood

Matt Isherwood

Rodders is Balding! But unlike the great Lombardo Rod cant pass or shoot to save his life! Best leave the scoring to somebody else! No Left Foot.
Musclier than Kingy.

Position - Sub
Age - 25
From - Featherstone
Special Skill - Banana Shot.

Click for a larger image of James Isherwood

James Isherwood

James tries manfully to emulate his brother on the paddock.
An injury list similar to Darren Anderton, or so he tells us, doesnt seem to stop him competing each week.
Former good goal scorer now spends more time in the graveyard than the undertaker.

Position - Def-Mid
Age - 23
From - Featherstone
Special Skill - Injury claim/powerful side foot.

Click for a larger image of Adam Perry

Adam Perry

Stick insect mono- brow pezzer has more shots than Frank Lampard Jr. Also a regular in the graveyard suspicions of necrophilia are going to be hard to brush off
Stronger than he looks, which isnt hard to pull off, enjoys taking people on and mumbling.

Position - Mid/Att
Age - 23
From - Featherstone
Special Skill - 1-on-1 miss/head down runs.

Click for a larger image of Pete Taylor

Pete Taylor

Pete likes dribbling both on and off the pitch. Plays for anyone at anytime in any position and is quite good everywhere except in front of goal. voice that travels as far as Girgy on a jog and a sly dirty tackle here and there.
Pretends hes been top scorer at some place but no-one believes him or listens, but his dads my boss so Ive got to be nice - best player.

Position - Utility
Age - 24
From - Featherstone
Special Skill - Foul/unecessary last man skill.

Click for a larger image of James Bradley

James Bradley

Brads is an exciting player in the mould Alan Hanson. Sturdy challenges are his forte and a star graduate of Mick Bray's school of 'easy ball'.
Thinks he may contract something if he shoots despite having a seemingly deadly accurate 'shot- pass'. Practically salivates over 1-0 victories and, along with James Isherwood the eternal optimist who predicted a tough game versus The Lion.....Mystic Meg is safe for now me thinks.

Position - Def
Age - 24
From - Featherstone
Special Skill - Sturdy Challenge/shot allergy

Click for a larger image of Richard 'Marls' Bradley

Richard 'Marls' Bradley

Marls is a machine, a ginger machine. Doesnt stand on ceremony and one must be fully committed to the physical challenge of Marls. When asked what his secret was, rather than hard training it seemed to be a beer with every meal, including breakfast.
Super strong and quick this long haired lager lout is a tough opponent for any of the fat jokes in this league.

Position - def/mid
Age - 22
From - Featherstone
Special Skill - Ginger engine/long hair

Click for a larger image of Roth 'Ribena Boy'

Roth 'Ribena Boy'

New signing Roth was brought down by Marls after Girgy was cut from the team.
The 6th keeper weve had, a position that is more heavily jinxed than the drummers in Spinal Tap.
Roth is unknown other than the fact he works in Bargain Booze, which is good enough reason to take him on if he can supply actual bargain booze.
Slight bowling ball appearance and shocking outfield skills.

Position - GK
Age - 21
From - Featherstone
Special Skill - crap out.