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Your Rights and Responsibilities

Being a member of the FruitBowl, brings with it certain rights and responsibilities which we expect all members to maintain at all times. We all agree that having these helps to create a comfortable and friendly space for all.

You have a right to expect:-

Advice, information and support from workers and the group. Your confidentiality and privacy to be respected. Freedom of speech (as long as you are not disrespectful of others). To be treated with respect and dignity at all times. To be looked out for by existing members.

We expect you to:-

Be respectful of others and recognise their right to their own personal space. Not to bitch, gossip or talk about others who are not there. To observe our policy of no smoking, alcohol or non prescribed drugs in youth group time. Anyone at the youth group who is under the influence of alcohol or non prescribed drugs will be asked to leave. To behave appropriately - e.g. no personal insults, aggressive or abusive behavior. Not to "Hit On" members during group time.

If you have any complaints, comments, concerns or thoughts please talk to one of our workers in complete confidence. If you would prefer there is also a suggestions and comments box where you can write your concerns etc and leave them anonymously.

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