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Aims & Objectives

The objectives of the Sport 4U group are to associate together with the local statutory authorities, voluntary and local community groups and inhabitants to provide sports and recreational activities and to encourage social and personal skills through building and working together initiatives.

The group will work with 8-19 year old age group to provide ‘preventative’ activity, which diverts this group from the possibility of involvement in anti social behaviour.

The group will provide opportunities for young people to participate in wider educational, training and development activity.

The group hope to increase participation and engage disaffected and disadvantaged young people in sports and other community activities encouraging healthy lifestyles.

Sport 4U would like to promote sport, as an integral part of localised community activity so that it can play an important part in establishing community identification and cohesion.

contact : Majid Sadiq
City High Community
Sports Centre
c/o Wakefield CIty High School
Warmfield View
Tel : 01924 368234
Email :
Web : view the web site

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