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Food Co-ops are not-for-profit community enterprises where volunteers (usually supported by a community centre or similar organisation) purchase food in bulk from wholesalers and sell it on to com˝iunity members. These enterprises bring fresh fruit and vegetables to communities who have lost local shops due to supermarket competition and are often working to help people improve the quality of their diet. Food Co-ops can contribute to the social and cultural capital of an area, as people gather to assess and- buy the fresh vegetables, and gain cookery and other tips from community centre staff, health workers, and each other. Although Food-Co-ops do not exist to create profit for private individuals, they do need to be financially sustainable through a mixture of trading and grant income. Their accounting and reporting procedures need to be robust, and they benefit from integration with, and support from statutory and other organisations

The Rainbow Community Food Co operative currently operates from three sites in Wakefield, offering relatively low priced fresh fruit and vegetables to all residents living in the areas served.

The Rainbow Community Food Co-Operative is open for business at: The Heath Common Travellers Site St. Swithun's Community Centre Kilnsey Rd, Eastmoor, Wakefield, WF1 4RW Rainbow Community Cafe, 26 Duke of York Avenue, Portobello, Wakefield

contact : Stephen Helliwell (Chairman)
Email :

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