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A music group for all instruments. For all abilities. If you have just bought a guitar and you dont know 1 end from the other this is the group for you. There is no set format we learn from one another. Although there is 2 ex professional guitar players in the group who are more than willing to teach you.From your very first chords to playing a song.

the music group at The Portobello Community Centre, Wakefield is held every Wednesday 2pm-4pm. The cost is just 1.00. This breaks down as 75p to the cost of the hire of the hall, and 25p for tea or coffee or squash.

The lessons last for 2hrs thats a 1 for 2hrs tuition. I personally many years ago used to pay 20 per hour for tuition.

contact : Pete
Community Centre
Portobello Road
Tel : 01977-651966
Email :

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