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Blast From the Past III

Blast3/1.jpeg, Don Lodge on the right gangway of the great burial ship with the rest of the British Museum team

Blast3/2.jpeg. PontArcís excavation team with Channel Fourís Time Team.


Few local people realise just how well- respected PontArc is in the archaeological community. This respect goes back to the mid-1960s when a number of members worked on digs around the country, meeting many famous archaeologists and using their skills. Indeed, the Societyís reputation is still high, for when Channel Fourís Time Team dug Roman Castleford, PontArcís excavation team was asked to assist.

Back in 1967, when the British Museum was planning to complete the excavation of the Sutton Hoo Ship Burial, a number of members were asked to participate, several in a supervisory capacity.

Sutton Hoo in Suffolk, is arguably the most famous site in Britain. Here in 1939 was excavated a royal Saxon ship containing the burial and treasure of King Redwald of East Anglia. Work was halted on the onset of war, and not resumed until the Ď60s. Now PontArc members were fully involved in the most important dig in Britain.

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