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Society Activity

Current Archaeology 2005

Click for a larger image of Roman Road 28b

Roman Road 28b

Resistivity survey of a further length of Roman Road 28b, followed by the excavation of a section if the road is located.

Address: http://www.archaeology.co.uk/direct
Web: Click here for info

Click for a larger image of Field Work  2005

Field Work 2005

Click for a larger image of Recent Surveying

Recent Surveying

Click for a larger image of Archive footage

Archive footage

‘Quite soon it was recognised as one of the best societies of its kind, certainly in Yorkshire and arguably in Britain. It pioneered cooperative projects with the cadres of professional archaeologists that emerged in the 1970s and 1980s. It chalked up a long list of important excavations and discoveries, developing building recording and site investigation when these were urgently needed in the rapidly re- developing historic town. It carried out a remarkable programme of research excavations around its area and began to attract national awards for excellence, and national coverage of its excavations.’

Founder member Don Lodge continued visiting the Society’s projects to within a few weeks of his death. Here he is seen being shown the Tanners’ Row site by distinguished member Tony Wilmott, the Director.