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Blast from the Past IV

Image 1 for Blast from the Past IV Blast4/1.jpeg Recording the derelict medieval building at Swales Yard. One person handles the drawing board whilst others shout measurements from ladders etc

Image 2 for Blast from the Past IV Blast4/2.jpeg. Excavating one of the Eighteenth century ships on the riverbed at Allerton Bywater.


Some of the proudest moments in a societyís life are when national awards are presented. This has happened several times in PontArcís history, the two most important being the Ironbridge Award given for the recording of the medieval building now known as The Counting House, and The Pitt Rivers Award, presented for the excavation and recording of sunken vessels on the bed of the River Aire at St Aidanís Opencast Mine.

The Swales Yard Project, as the former work was originally called, involved the clearing, planning and photography of a derelict late medieval building prior to restoration. This was in the best traditions of the Society whose members had been doing similar work since 1958. However, time takes its toll and only one member of the original recording team participated in Swales Yard.

The St Aidanís Project was initiated by Bradford Universityís Department of Archaeological Sciences. Several other regional groups took part, but under the aegis and insurance cover of PontArc. Again only one member who had dug at Sutton Hoo was available to dig these later, but similarly-constructed vessels. However, continuity is not dependent upon personalities as much as traditions of excellence, which the Society has maintained through fifty years.