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Mysterious Stones

Image 1 for Mysterious Stones
Standing stones at Callanish, Isle of Lewis

On Tuesday 11th April Janet Niepokojczycka gave a fascinating talk with slide illustrations of standing stones and stone circles throughout the British Isles.

From the Outer Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland, through mainland Britain to the Channel and Scilly Isles, there are mysterious standing stones. Some single, some in groups others in circles of varying size.

Because there are no writings from the period of their construction - about 5,000 years ago - knowledge is based on archaeological digs and fertile imaginations.

Many are linked to phases of the Moon or passage of the Sun at specific times of year. Some are near burial sites and many have archaeological artefacts in the vicinty.

Janet is a members of the Pontefract Archaeological Society and bases her information on facts and evidence so at the end of her talk she admitted she was still left with more questions than answers.