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This show consists of a slide show of a selection of our vast collection of old photographs of Wakefield. The show has proved to be incredibly popular with older audiences, many of whom remember the places as they are depicted in the photographs. As most of our photographs have been donated to the club, the precise location of many is unknown to us and the memories of members of the audience have been most helpful in identifying the whereabouts of many of the photographs. There have also been several interesting debates where people's recollections have-shall we say-differed! All in all an enjoyable and thought-provoking trip down memory lane

This show is one which is enjoyed by audiences of all ages. The youngsters find out about the working lives of their parents and grandparents and the history and heritage of their environment. For the older ones it brings back memories, happy and sad, of days gone by.

Fronted by one of our members, Tony Banks, a fifth generation miner, who was underground at Lofthouse colliery on the night of the disaster, the show also consists of a large display of mining memorabilia and the film is followed by a very enlightening question and answers session which only ends when we can, eventually, drag Tony away, as given the chance he would talk mining all day.

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