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Improve Your Search Engine Listings

When you first create your site you should give some thought to what search terms might be used by people using search engines to find information contained in your website. Any terms you think are relevant should be added to the browser page title, description and keywords fields of the WDCO templates.

For example, if you are creating a site for a junior football team based in Normanton the words football, Normanton and junior should be used. Your Homepage browser page title would be ‘Normanton Junior Football Team’. Your Homepage description would be ‘Normanton Junior Football Team website has fixture lists, match reports, team photos and much more’. The Homepage keywords would be ‘Football, Normanton, Junior, Children, West Yorkshire, Sport’.

When search engines come to index your website they will look at the information held in these fields then at the information contained in your pages before ranking your website accordingly in their listings.

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