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WDCO Online Tutorial

Follow one of the links below to learn how to set up and enhance your Wakefield District Community Online website.

Lesson 1
Find out about how to register to set up a WDCO website

Lesson 2
Learn about how to set up your WDCO home page

Lesson 3
Find out about the range of WDCO pages available

Lesson 4
Learn about completing the standard page template

Lesson 5
Find out about how to add events and news items

Lesson 6
Learn about uploading files as downloads

Lesson 7
Find out how to set up a links page

Lesson 8
Learn about how to set up a WDCO mailing list

Lesson 9
Learn how you can use WDCO to advertise voluntary or paid job vacancies for your community group

Lesson 10
Learn about how to use simple HTML to enhance the look of your web pages

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