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Getting Listed in Search Engines

A good way of attracting visitors to your site is to ensure that it is listed by the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.

The links in this section will take you to the search engines 'submit a site' pages where you will be able to let the search engines know about your website. You will need to know the address of your homepage. Your homepage address will look something like this http://www.wdco.org/site/misc/index.htm, you can copy it from the address bar of the browser when you are viewing your website.

Once you have submitted your page the search engines will pay a visit to your site and index the contents - this can take a few weeks. Once your website has been indexed it will start to appear in the search results of the search engines. You only need to submit your site to a search engine once - why not try it now.

Submit your website to Google

Submit your website to MSN

Submit your website to Yahoo

You will need to register to submit your website to Yahoo.