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Training Dates

Child Protection 04.06.07 6- 8pm Town Hall

Child Protection 23.06.07 10am-12pm St Georges

Child Protection 03.07.09 6.30-8.30pm St Georges

Criminology Training- 09.07.07 6-8pm Trinity Buildings

Mentor training - venue TBC

01.09.07 9.30am-4.30pm

05.09.07 6-9pm

08.09.07 9.30am-4.30pm

12.09.07 6-9pm

19.09.07 6-9pm

Sexual Health part 1 24.09.07 6-9pm Trinity buildings

Sexual health part 2 02.10.07 6-9pm Trinity buildings

Substance misuse 1 focus on drugs 01.11.07 6-9pm Trinity buildings

Substance misuse 2 focus on alcohol 08.11.07 6-9pm Trinity buildings

An introduction to Child and Adolescent Mental Health 06.12.07 Trinity buildings

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