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Events for 2006 4-5 February York Trade stand and seminars. 4-5th March Fort Paull Start of season BBQ + Party. 18-19th March Fort Paull training weekend 1-2 April Fort Paull Training weekend and maintenance session. 29 April to 1May, Bank Holiday Fort Paull 2 day battle re-enactment. 27-29 May, Bank holiday Liverpool 2 day battle re-enactment. 17-18 June Plancenoite battle re-enactment. July Pultusk 200th anniversary Battle re-enactment. 29-30 July Wigan 2 day training weekend 5-6 August Fort Paull, Training weekend 25-28 August bank holiday Detling 3 day battle re-enactment. 16-17 September Bury St Edmunds 2 day living history camp and training session. TBC 24-25 September Normandie 200th anniversary Battle re-enactment. 14-15 October Fort Paull 2 day training weekend. 25-26 November Elsecar Heritage Centre 2 day trade stand and seminars. TBC This list is continually being updated, please check regularly for updates in our events schedule.

LGI News! November 2004 La Garde recieved a 5000 grant from the National Lottery. December 2004, La Garde was presented with an eagle and colour to mark the 200th anniversary of this event. La Garde was the only UK based group to attend these solemn ceremonies. On 19 June 2005, a museum gallery at Fort Paull was opened charting the history of the artillery La Garde Imperiale (both the original and recreated units). 1-2 April 2006 saw La Garde spend the weekend with a film crew, to be filmed for a documentary about re-enactment. We were joined by members of 3e Co. from Poland for the event, whom we hope to meet up with at Plancenoite in June. All three sections of La Garde, and hopefully Horses Through History will be present at Pultusk and at a Bicentenial event in Normandie, in September 2006.

f you like big bangs, big guns, horses, making new friends and having lots of fun, La Garde IS the re-enactment group for you! We have over 30years of experience in re-enactment so we know our formula works. La Garde is unique in UK, in that we are one of the few re-enactment artillery groups to use full size guns and be pan-European. We have fun as a group of like minded friends who enjoy each others company - why would we take up this fascinating hobby if we did not enjoy bringing History to Life? 1e Company is based in UK, 2e Company based in France and 3e Company is forming in Poland. The UK section has 4 full size field guns (12lb, 8lb, 4lb and 6inch howitzer) and a Lombard's Gyn. The group also has a fully trained and equipped horse team of 4 horses, provided by 'Horses Through History'. This combination of big guns and horses to pull them is unique to La Garde. We welcome all into our ranks be they as gunners (either foot or mounted), artisans or civilians and hope to diversify in to Artillerie a Cheval to fully exploit the potential of the horse team in the next few years.

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