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Why is Judo training good for you

Judo training can burn up to 340 calories per session and helps improve fitness levels, balance, coordination and flexibility. Judo includes elements of conditioning and strength-building exercises. The throws, holds and avoidance techniques used in judo are an effective form of self-defence training. It also lowers your risk of sustaining injury in other sports as judo teaches people how to fall in a safe manner. Develop communication skills and learn to work effectively with other people as you learn an important life skill.

General weekly training plan 1st hour warm up relevant to judo breakfalls techniques 2nd hour combination techniques counter techniques escapes from hold downs tachi and ne waza randori.. cool down/stretching

Nage-komi - throwing repetitively - this is a good way to develop completely rounded throwing skills and also to practice the transition from standing to groundwork. The class is divided into groups and each person throws the rest of his group five to ten times.

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