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Gallery Arts

Gallery arts Venue and Exhibition Initiative for Arts. The first meeting of Gallery Arts was held on 16 July 2009 Proposed Gallery Arts Constitution & Rules 1 The society to be known as Gallery Arts 2 Aims of the society... To foster and encourage the practice and appreciation of visual arts by providing exhibition venues & Demonstrations 3 Gallery arts are a non-profiting making organisation, with the intention of providing an opportunity for members to display and/or sell their work. 4 Participating members to share all the costs of providing venues, public liability insurance, and advertising. 5 The Committee to be elected annually and to consist of;- Chair Secretary Treasurer Assistant Treasurer Artís demonstration Coordinator Web Site Coordinator. 6 The committee reserves the right to co- opt Additional members to the committee as needed. 7 Full membership shall be open to all persons over 18 years of age. 8 The Committee to ensure that the Club is insured to cover accident liability 9 An Extra-ordinary general meeting shall be called by the Committee, if requested in writing to the Secretary by any two members of the Club. The meeting to take place within fourteen days of any such request. 10 The Treasurer to maintain a record of members names and addresses 11 Pictures in transit will not be covered by the societies insurance. 12 Only members who have paid their subscription will be allowed to exhibit and vote when any change takes place regarding how the group will meet or practice or exhibit. Committee members 1. Chairman Brian Holding 2. Secretary Linda Golding 3. Treasurer Wendy Ward 4. Assistant Treasurer Brian Holding 5. Cheryl Horner-Wagstaff Dip SBA Arts demonstrations Coordinator 6. Brian Holding Web site Coordinator

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