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The Way Ahead

Friends of Newmillerdam Country Park “The Way Ahead”

INTRODUCTION The Way Ahead sets out the Friends’ vision and aspirations for the Newmillerdam Country Park and identifies actions that are complementary and support Wakefield MDC’s Local Nature Reserve 5 Year management Plan. The “Precautionary Principle” as stated in the council’s plan is identified as being necessary and essential in meeting medium and long-term objectives.

The Friends’ group share the council’s strategic aim of:

Improving the quality and access to Newmillerdam Country Park as expressed in the four strategic themes:

Improving the intrinsic quality of the country park; Improving access and enrich visitor experiences for all users; Support new amenities and activities to improve the physical, social and mental well-being of the community and park users; Increasing awareness of what the park has to offer (by the provision of better information, wider promotion, effective communication and marketing).

The following actions will form the core of activities organised for and by the Friends of Newmillerdam CP in co-operation with the staff of Wakefield MDC Natural Environment Department. Progress on the plan will be regularly monitored and reviewed, and the plan will be updated bi-annually to reflect changing circumstances or priorities. It will form part of a broader strategic plan for the area of Newmillerdam as a whole. To Download a copy of the actions underpinning THE WAY AHEAD and the CONSTITUTION please go to the DOWNLOAD page

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