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At the current time we have several projects on the go.

THE TUBS Outside the Cafe was FOPs first actual practical project. You will notice when you visit how welcoming the display looks. Each tub will be replanted as the seasons change to ensure this area is enjoyable, colourful and tidy. Funds for the project were given by Pugneys Country Park.


British Bluebells as you may or may not know are in danger of being wiped out by the more commonly seen Spanish Bluebell. FOP are in the process of gaining funds and donations of private bluebell collections to create a Bluebell Woodland around Pugneys Country Park. From 2009 donations we commenced our planting in October 2009 with over 1000 bluebells. All donations are very much appreciated both in cash or in plant. If you are able to legally donate bluebells from YOUR own gardens, we would love to hear from you. NB any donated plants would have to be identified as True Bluebells and can only be done when they are in flower. For further information, please drop us an email. A donation tin for cash donations is situated on the reception desk at Pugneys Country Park.


We are currently working on creating a daffodil walk around the Lake at Pugneys. This is a long term project project and our first planting of over 1000 bulbs took place October 2009. The project will then continue into 2010 and onwards - any donations to purchase daffodil bulbs would be very much appreciated.

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