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Centenary Book

FOCAL produced a book, Castleford Free Library 1905- 2005. Researched and written by members Pat Bentley and Margaret Lound, it tells the history of the library. A fascinating read and a must-buy.

Do you know....

a) What made the Librarian request a gas ring?

b) Why parts of the newspapers in the Reading Room were deliberately blacked-out by staff?

c) Why Miss Hill had a pair of Wellington boots ready in her office?

d) What caused the Children's Department to be bursting at the seams on Tuesday evenings in the 1950's?

e) Why the famous Roman milestones are not in Castleford?

The answers to the above questions will come to light as you read the book which provides a unique history of the Carnegie building, the staff who served there and the people who used it, but more than this it records how the library has impacted on the community

The book is the only complete source of the many changes which were made to meet the growing needs of the population throughout the one hundred years. The building is to be radically altered to provide a new library and museum within the Forum, so it was therefor an ideal time to do such a publication.

Copies of this limited edition book, with its pages packed with photographs, may be purchased from the Library priced 7.99.