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Tim Rose

On March 7th Tim Rose made a return visit to Crofton Art Group.


Tim being welcomed to the group. This was his second visit to the group to demonstrate architectural painting in watercolour.

One I did earlier

Tim started by showing us a painting he had done of Admiralty Arch, London.

He wasn't pleased with the finished article, he thought it seemed rather dull and lifeless so decided to try again.

Getting started

The original picture had been traced onto the paper and the first painting was on hand for occasional reference.

He began by thoroughly wetting the paper and putting a yellow wash across the middle for warmth.

Wet on wet

Tim explained how by using the wet on wet technique he could get a more instant and exciting result.

Even when dark blue dribbled across the yellow he was totally relaxed. When this happens just carry on and assume no-one will notice. Very encouraging advice.


Shadows are more important than details and soon give an impressive overall effect.

Taking shape

With red crosses on white flags and shadows to indicate the arches, we soon had a good idea of the view.

Good viewing

Twenty four members had turned up to watch the demonstration - and weren't disappointed.

Light and shade

Using the paper's wetness enabled him to get a sense of drama in the light and shade.

And moving the painting through its various stages means he can paint faster, not waiting for areas to dry.

Some details

Where parts of the paper had dried he was able to put in some details, including a Big Issue seller who had posed for him.


Every now and then Tim moved away from his picture to get a better view and returned to explain the how and why of what he was doing.

Painting in the windows he decided to give more of an impression than much detail, not distracting the eye from the central arches.

Almost done

Although Tim claims not to be much good at painting cars and horses, he likes to include them as they are very much part of the scene.

In this London picture it felt right to have a taxi and a couple of horse riders.


Everyone agreed that the finished picture was quite amazing. We were also encouraged to have a go ourselves.

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