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January 2008

The painting demonstration for Crofton Art Group in January was a seaside scene in acrylics by Bruce Mulcahey. Since Bruce does his paintings on site he works quickly and carries the minimum of equipment.

He explained that his drawing is in the painting – he looks at the shapes made by different colours rather than actual objects and creates lines where two colours meet. By using acrylics he can quickly and easily make changes, create textures by using his fingers and get variety with the amount of water on the brush.

His demonstration began with a very quick sketch to show the position of the dark shadow tones which were equally quickly filled in. Next he painted in the green ‘shapes’ then the sandy areas. In no time at all the impression of the scene appeared before our eyes. Getting the right shapes in the right colour soon produces a picture.

Twenty six members enjoyed the demonstration and are looking forward to the workshops when Bruce will help individuals with their own choice of painting.

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