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Dave Woolass

April watercolour demonstration by David Woolass


After reminding members of forthcoming workshops and visits, the artist Dave Woolass was welcomed.

There were over 30 members present for this afternoon's demonstration.

Getting started

Dave started with a cobalt blue graded wash for the sky, using 'Dave's rag' to create clouds.

He works with wet on dry, using very heavy quality paper. His initial sketch was so light it wasn't visible unless very close up.

Helping Hand

He invited members to try their hand at the 'dab & twist' technique for creating interesting leaves.

The only volunteer willing to have a go!

Making progress

By using pale colours to start with you can gradually build up a variety of new shades.

Most of the picture is created with a broad brush but he uses a thin one to paint in the tree trunks.

Other Work

While he was painting, Dave passed other pieces of work around for members to see.

A portrait 'exercise' was greatly admired by all.

Banks and bushes

Dave let areas dry then glazed them with washes of slightly different hues. Shapes created by the first wash developed into shrubs.

He used a negative shade technique to paint the bushes and banks of the stream.

Prize Winners

During the tea break the raffle was called. The four lucky winners.

Taking shape

With more areas of light and shade it is easy to see the landscape develop

Cobalt blue and sap green are used for darker areas of grasses in the foreground.


As an extra element to the demonstration, Dave shows us how to get some interesting effects by using cling-film.

More colours

Some purple is added to the trees for details in the branches and twigs.

Extra washes create new colours and soften some of the hard edges.


The vote of thanks.

Most of us are looking forward to the workshops later in the month when we will try our hand at creating a woodland landscape.


The finished landscape was admired by all.

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