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John Harrison demonstration

John Harrison, artist, purveyor of line drawings with watercolour. John gave a demonstration to Crofton Art Group in May 2017. He created two pen and wash paintings during the afternoon. Both were of Yorkshire scenes.

John says that "he is not really a painter - I produce drawings and then add colour in the form of watercolour washes, so I suppose, in that respect, I am a painter". "Every so often though, I'll think to myself - a proper painter would do it this way, and I'll start with a pencil drawing, add watercolour washes, then add ink lines over the top, but in the main I always start with a line drawing in ink, or more often, a sketch.

The inspiration for much of my work is to be found within Yorkshire's borders, (as long as there's a building of some sort!), walls, hamlets, villages, ports and harbours are my main subjects and I always look for a different viewpoint of familiar places - a dynamic angle, with strong light and shade, which helps the drawing come alive.

I am an active Urban Sketcher - meeting up with other artists at a wide variety of locations to "show the world, one drawing at a time". (urban sketchers' website)

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