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February Workshop 2008

Janet Flynn's workshop on portraits in charcoal

First drawings

The first task was to have a go at drawing a face.

Helpful hints

Janet demonstrated some face-drawing techniques. Proportion, style, light and shade.

She recommended more freedom of movement when using charcoal.


Efforts were made at improving on the first attempts.

First viewing

Pictures were laid out for all to see, admire and discuss

Self portraits

Then the real fun began. With mirrors of various sizes, paper and charcoal, everyone made a start at a self portrait.

All was quiet as the work progressed.

Artistic License

Wrinkles could easily disappear.

Through the glass

One had a title - through the glass darkly.


While most people concentrated there was quite a bit of giggling as pictures progressed.


Why did the end results look so very serious?

Final comments

All the works were set out for viewing and final comments. Janet remarked on the big improvements made.

Self portraits tend to look glum because of the concentration involved.

End results

Despite the miserable faces on paper, a good time was had by all.

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