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Scrabble club in the Castleford/Pontefract area. A great chance to meet new people, all abilities and ages welcome. The cliche that scrabble is for the elder generation of people is false. Players range from 16 - 80+ (I am a young 29 :)) Information on Nationwide tournament play is available at club. We are a friendly bunch at club and we do even have a good laugh. Come try us out :)

A small fee of 2 per week will be charged this covers cost of the room and light refreshments. We use Collins word lists which is the recognised dictionary for English tournament play. Word lists will be provided for first couple of visits to newbies which do include words like za ja qi and a few more lovely words. A prize will be awarded monthly for winner of the league more information on this at club.

Andrea and Maxine hope to meet you in the near future.

contact : Andrea Waddington
Email :

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