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About Probus

The word PROBUS is derived from the words PROfessional and BUSiness, but membership is not restricted to these two groups. It also includes former executives of local government and other local or national organisations, in fact anyone who has had some measure of responsibility in any field of endeavor.

The basic purpose of the club is to provide a regular meeting place for men, who in semi or full retirement, appreciate and value opportunities to meet like minded men in similar circumstances and with a similar level of interest.

The records show that in 1965 two Rotarians conceived the idea of assembling some retired professional and business men, (some Rotarians, some not) to form a club to meet monthly. Initially, it was called the Campus Club, after the place where they met. It soon became very popular!

From slow beginings in the late 60's the 70's saw massive expansion of Probus Clubs, with clubs being formed all over the country.

It is now a worldwide organisation with clubs as far away as Australia, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Trinidad, Portugal, Canada and many, many more.

One Australian member wrote " It is the best thing England ever exported".

(Archive information published by kind permission of Ralph D. Harper).

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